Monday, 19 August 2013

Breaking point and 'The waiting game'

15th July 2013 Apparently obvious to others and lastly to myself I have been having a little problem in managing with Mum recently.  Nothing I do is right, everything is argued about, mentally the strain is becoming difficult to handle.

In the past week I have called; Mums doctor who was on annual leave, Mums Mental Health Specialist who was on a course, Mental Health Nurse who is only in on a Tuesday and Wednesday, Elderly Care Social Worker who was on annual leave but managed to see him today with my brother.

All I needed was time off - a little ‘respite care’ for Mum that everyone talks about to give me a break. What I got instead was told that under the circumstances it would not be suitable to provide respite for Mum due to the difficult and volatile nature of her condition.  It would make her worse to handle afterwards.  He appreciated the difficult situation I was dealing with but felt it was not an option at this time we needed to wait until a permanent place was available as she was already on the list and he was not willing to look at the prospect of moving her twice. I broke down in tears of exhaustion, anger and frustration.

I asked if anything had been done to sort out some form of anti depressant as we have known for a long time now that Mums depression is not helping her moods.  I was told that it had recently been discussed and that Dr. Mathews would be dealing with the matter as it had just been brought to her attention! We have been bringing this to their attention for many many months if not a year!

When we left his office I was feeling helpless and emotionally drained. Sit and wait was the advice of the day, problem was I was not sure how long I could do this for.

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