Monday, 15 July 2013

Occupational Health came to visit........11/07/13

As a result of Mums fall the hospital wanted to send out Occupational Health to see if there was anything they could provide me with to assist with Mums care, I had already informed them that we have had many O.H teams in and all found Mum impossible to work with.  They said they wanted to give it a try.....  Now as a nurse this is the last thing Mum would want and stand for (no pun intended)!

Mum was told that a nice lady called Ruth was coming at 2pm as part of the hospitals new policy on elderly falls in the home, Ruth would be coming to report back to the hospital that Mum was recovered and managing well at home.

The morning started with Mum in a bad mood so when she asked to have a bath I decided this would be a good relaxing, time consuming thing to do. All the time Mum complained about being constipated and uncomfortable which is a daily occurrence.  I had been giving her senna tablets for the problem but she had become fixated on the matter. I got Mum dressed after her bath and she even came down stairs afterwards however, I soon realised it was to go through the cupboards to find anything for constipation, even though I kept telling her I was giving her senna in the evenings she insisted on locating Andrews Liver Salts (her cure all medication!) We had removed all over the counter medicines from the cupboards as Mum keeps forgetting that she has taken something and continues to take more, however she refuses to take anything that her doctor prescribes for her as 'she knows better than he does as she was a nurse'.

I prepared a little salad for lunch and was surprised when Mum said she would have some, I followed it with a tiny serving of stewed prunes to help with her problem.  My son and his wife popped in for a quick visit before their appointment at the pre-natal clinic (third baby on the way), unfortunately Mum has no idea who they are and only manages pleasantries with them on their visits.  Ruth  O.T. arrived shortly after they did so they took their leave.

Now bearing in mind even around the house Mum needs assistance walking from one room to the next, often unable to get up off the sofa or chair without a helping hand, walking up the stairs is a very painfully slow process to watch often her knees buckle under her, walking round the garden unaided is a thing of the past....... so tell me who this spritely woman was who when introductions were done and she was asked to do various 'tasks' Mum leapt into action. Stood up very quickly from sitting on the sofa, asked to go up the stairs only used one banister and did it in record time, in and out of the bath unaided.  I think if she was asked to do a hand stand she would have done one.............. Who replaced my mother with this imposter??

We returned to the sitting room where Ruth addressed some questions to me, when I opened my mouth to reply Mum viciously told me to be quiet, it was not my business, Ruth had come to visit HER!  Mum was back.  Ruth asked to go back upstairs to take measurements for installing another drop down hand rail on the other side of the toilet (as this was where Mum fell to the floor).  I escorted her upstairs and explained that this was not a representation of Mums mobility, I showed her videos I had taken without Mums knowledge of her getting round the house and she was so surprised it was the same person, unfortunately she informed me that she could only go but what she had seen on the day! She asked if Mum was always so vicious in addressing me, I replied that there were times when she could be nice but also time when she could be so much worse than today.

On returning to the lounge Mum was upset that we had left the room and was obviously agitated as her breathing had become laboured and she was fidgety.  I explained that for Dads safety another hand rail was being fitted beside the toilet - Mums reply was that she wouldn't use it, however, she uses the second banister rail, the bath rail and the vertical rail by the toilet (all fitted under the guise of being for Dad)!  Mum throughout the time Ruth was there kept asking Ruth to feel her stomach as it was so bloated due to her being constipated, I kept telling Mum that Ruth was not a doctor and I would call hers and get him to check her out.  The Andrews debate then started with gusto to which Ruth took my lead saying that it would be best to be seen by the doctor instead of taking any more Andrews.

I saw Ruth to the door and she asked if I had any outside help, the answer is always Mum turns everyone away, SHE DOESN'T NEED HELP!!  She said to call her if things change as she would come out again to re-assess and someone would be in contact to fit the other rail within the week.

I returned to the sitting room where Mum continued to insist on having some Andrews.......

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