Thursday, 11 July 2013

Midnight Rhino Safari -10/07/13

Yesterday was a difficult day, Mum was very snappy, kept telling me I wasn't telling the truth. Complained that I allowed her to spend all day rotting in bed she might as well be dead.

Everyday is a challenge to get Mum motivated, Mum wouldn't even get up to see the District Nurse who came to remove her stitches and expressed concern with Mums demeanour.  One of my brothers had tried to get Mum to go out with him for the afternoon, she refused. He came round three times and used differing techniques but no! 

She just wanted to be left to die but as I kept telling her it obviously wasn't her time. Mum had refused to get out of bed and to have breakfast but I managed to get her to come downstairs and have a slice of ham, a new potato and a teaspoon of vegetables, followed by a spoon of rice pudding and some stewed prunes (bowels are becoming a constant issue with Mum!!) for lunch. 

Mum was coaxed to sit in the garden as it was lovely, also she shuffled, miserable, back to her bedroom. I went out on errands late in the afternoon and whilst out my other brother came round and managed to get Mum down to have something for tea.  He left Mum under Dads watchful eye and I returned shortly afterwards to find her still downstairs in her nightie and dressing gown, pretty much her daily wear.  

My brother who had wanted to get Mum out was not deterred, he came back told Mum he was taking a walk to Sainsburys and if she was dressed she could go too. Mum didn't say no so I shuffled her upstairs, got her dressed and hair bunned in record time and had her sitting in the Red Cross loaned wheelchair before she knew it and could object, (the wheelchair is a new addition to assist getting her out as mobility has hugely deteriorated). Off they went round Sainsburys, along Shirley High Street, back home via the park.

Mum enjoyed the trip and I was happy she had been out. For the rest of the evening we sat watching TV in the lounge with many interruptions with questions on repeat; are you out tonight, what are you doing tomorrow, what did you do today? 

I needed to go out at 11pm to collect my daughter from her dance evening and drop her home as she had no transport, Mum asked to come too.  I struggled to stay awake whilst waiting for 11pm to come round but duly bundled Mum into the car, my nephew came too and off we went in the cool of the evening.

When collecting my daughter told her we were taking a silly detour via Southampton Centre.  The previous day many decorated rhino statues has been positioned round the city and I wanted to drive round and show Mum. I went to one I had seen that was easy to park near, we got Mum (a little baffled by our unscheduled stop) out of the car and slowly shuffled her to the rhino for us to gather round for photo opportunities.  

Luckily at just before midnight on a Wednesday night there was no one around! We had a giggle and I think Mum enjoyed her unplanned safari, but who knows! 

Other than showing her the photo the following morning she will have no recollection of our sortie but my daughter, nephew and I will have a smiley treasured one! 

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