Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Text to siblings........truth hurts

Ok I was told by Nathalie not to be a martyr and to talk and shout if need be. 

Yesterday John said I was being 'tetchy'..... (Can't remember what exactly) he wanted to know why.  I explained I am exhausted all the time, his solution 'go to the doctor!' I argued that it wasn't a doctor 'thing' I have had the counselling and this is where I am. 

This is how I sit every night, dad sleeping and Mum away with the fairies. My desire to go out and socialise has pretty much gone, the life is being sucked out of me. So please excuse me for not being chirpy and talkative and social but I find it hard.   

To top it all John said he wants to talk to Dr Mathews as he doesn't feel putting Mum in a home is a good thing. Of course it isn't but he didn't reply when I asked if he was going to move in here.

You both want me to talk.... Maybe it's better when I don't!  I am going to sleep now. 

I didn't have the energy to have this conversation twice so I sent them both the same text. I am waiting for the fall out. I don't know what they expect from me....... But when there is nothing left who will pick up the pieces? 

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